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If you understand my work, you are very, very smart. This means you might be the ONLY one in the world who should buy my work in my webshop.
Be that person now.



Best seller!
Wanna have a real “The Bosoms” transman-comic in your hands? It can be done! This anthology “The Best of the Bosoms” covers a sweet and fine selection from over TEN YEARS of my naughty transmale booby characters that I started in 2010.
I am still selling this very first 28 page zine for Euro 5,00 (or donate more if you’re not poor!)
+ shipping costs to anywhere in the world
Just CONTACT me at jiro @ jirosworld.com if you want to buy a signed copy.


I now sell a beautiful, thick, two-color printed zine:
Obnoxious people: embrace the power of negativity
(“het boekje met vervelende menschen“)
~ it even has its own booktrailer!
A soft-cover pocket book about annoying people. Jiro Ghianni’s first self-published book, is a manually printed riso publication of 24 pages. Available at selected bookstores, such as the legendary comic shop Lambiek. This handy booklet covers a number of painfully annoying characters, from homophobic couch-potatoes to supermarket-terrorist housewives.
English language.
24 pages, A5 size
for 10,00 euros each
+ added shipping costs to anywhere in the world



If any of my work has ever put a smile on your face, then buy me a coffee here.
Donating 3 euros to me is really much more helpful than you think!
I need coffee to draw for you…
Donations can also easily be made through Paypal here, where you can set your own amount:



Handprinted cards:
Medusa – Queen of Dildos
Individually unique, naughty riso prints, not one is the same as the other. They are hand-cut (in angles) and handprinted by me on organic paper.
The paper is thinner than a standard card, but thicker than ordinary paper.
– Appr. A6 size
– 1 euro for 1 card; or 3,00 euros for a pack of 4 cards!
+ added shipping costs to anywhere in the world



High quality art print for framing
De Spaghettivreter / The Italian job
Jiro’s personal work about the forgotten discrimination of Italian immigrants. High quality art print for framing. The paper is thicker than ordinary paper but thin enough for framing.
Appr. A6 size
for 15,00 euro each
+ added shipping costs to anywhere in the world


Handmade coloured monoprints.
This technique means there are no two prints alike, each one is unique, so you get to choose the one and only version you like. You can pick an individual print on my instagram here (all made in October 2020), and if you buy a set of four they are only 30,00 euros.
The paper ranges from thin colour paper to thicker aquarel paper.
The paint used for the prints is acrylic so it will last for quite a while and will be able to withstand sunlight very well.
– Sizes vary from A4 to A3
– 10,00 euro for 1 print; or 30 euros for a pack of 4!
+ added shipping costs to anywhere in the world



Postcards (ansichtkaarten):
SUPERTRANS – #fightfortransrights postal card
Factory industrial printed cards.
Thick standard card paper.
With address lines on the back and postage stamp area.
– A6 size
– for 1,00 euro each
+ added shipping costs to anywhere in the world



1 sheet zine
The Qualiens – Where queer aliens go adrift
This fun and adventurous queer zine, about queer aliens who visit a straight planet, is only 1 letter sheet, but packed with content. The Qualiens visit Earth and feel very surprised about life here. It’s 1 letter-sized sheet, folded into a 4-page story.
The paper is thicker than standard paper.
– A5 size
– 3,00 euro each
+ added shipping costs to anywhere in the world



Extra tiny mini zine:
Lightning Scars – XS
One cute extra-short transgender-themed comic strip adventure. Individually wrapped (with an adorably cute silver bow) unique photo print ed zine adventure. They are hand-cut by me.
The paper is a slightly glossy fold-out.
– Appr. A7 size
– 3,00 euros each
+ added shipping costs to anywhere in the world


(Dutch only)
Pre-op/Post-op get-well-soon cards
These cards are only in Dutch for now, will make English versions soon.
NL: Dit zijn de bekende Boezems operatie-felicitatie kaarten, die je kunt sturen aan elke blije transgender persoon die een lang verwachte operatie krijgt. Deze kaarten heb ik in 2010 ontworpen maar ze voelen nog steeds actueel. Geschikt voor mensen die van zure humor houden.
Kaart 1 heeft de tekst: “Gefeliciteerd met je penis! Nu kun je eindelijk een boete krijgen voor stáánd wildplassen” (voor transmannen)
Kaart 2 heeft de tekst: “Gefeliciteerd met de mastectomie! -Nou ben je eindelijk van ons af. -Je mag deze kaart ritueel verbranden!” (voor transmannen)
Kaart 3 heeft de tekst: “Gefeliciteerd met de operatie! Je wordt vanaf nu voor de rest van je leven gediscrimineerd… door dezelfde samenleving die je operatie betaalde!…” (voor transvrouwen en transmannen).
De achterkant is neutraal en kan worden beschreven.
Alle kaarten kosten €1,50 + verzendkosten.



Yes I am available for commissioned drawings; particularly bespoke portraits of people as a cat (which means I will draw a portrait of your visage based on a photo of you. Each portrait is five Euros or £ 5,- pounds each and made on a color paper of your choice). Just mail to jiro @ jirosworld.com
I am an experienced social issues activist, so I can draw illustrations that have a special sensitivity to minority target groups.

Would you like the comics to be on a subject of your choice? If so, put a request through Facebook or through email.
The Editorial staff (read: Jiro) takes the liberty to rather rigourously interpret the requests with associative freedom.

For other products, you can usually buy directly from me, or go to my extensive Teepublic webshop, where you can buy prints with my illustrations on all sorts of funny things, ranging from panels to pillows.

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 19.37.32

Special commissions! I can take revenge on your worst ex by drawing them into a situation they hated. I wish there was a word for “things-you-really-like-that-your-ex-or-partner-doesn’t”. Because that’s the thing I will draw for you. Please mail me at jiro@jirosworld.com and ask me to draw something for you. EX-revenge drawings are letter sized, done in black ink with watercolour, and cost 25 euros (or £ 20 pounds) each.



Op dit moment zijn er prints van mijn illustraties te koop op Teepublic (externe webshop).
Via direct contact met mij kun je ook mijn handgedrukte zines en kaarten kopen.
*NIEUW* “Obnoxious people: embrace the power of negativity” – Het boekje met irritante mensen. Jiro Ghianni’s eerste zelf-gepubliceerde boek, een handmatig gedrukte riso publicatie van 24 pagina’s. Verkrijgbaar bij, onder andere, de legendarische stripwinkel Lambiek. Dit handzame boekje behandelt een aantal tergend vervelende karakters, van homofobe bankhangers, tot supermarkt terroristen. Voertaal Engels.

Ja, ik maak ook werk in opdracht! Vooral strip-portretten van mensen als kat. Als stripmaker wil ik graag meer tekenen voor maatschappelijk relevante organisaties. Ik illustreer in verschillende stijlen van naïef tot realistisch maar ook in ‘flat’ professionele stijlen (=Adobe Illustrator vectoren). Meestal met een klare lijn en handgetekend, daarna digitaal bijgewerkt. Thema’s en beeld houden altijd rekening met diversiteit en inhoudelijke issues van de doelgroep. Mijn strips en tekeningen zijn online te zien: https://www.instagram.com/jiroghianni/

Stuur een mailtje naar jiro @ jirosworld.com als je een gesigneerd exemplaar wilt.

Heeft u een verzoekje?
Wil je dat de strips over een bepaald onderwerp gaan? Dien dan een verzoek in via Facebook of via email.
De redactie (lees: Jiro) neemt de vrijheid de te behandelen verzoeken volkomen vrij te interpreteren.

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