Zsa Zsa Zine

zzzIt happened! The opening of the feminist-focused zine library at Fort van Sjakoo, Jodenbreestraat 24, centre of Amsterdam. “A space for zinefreaks, comicfans, zinesters, artists, and every one else who loves comics, zines, coffee and cupcakes.” You can come and hang out EVERY SATURDAY during the day from 13.00h – 17.00h – read zines, eat freshly baked goods and declaim your poetry.
I will be there with my very first zine!
The Facebook event can be RSVP’d here.
Yes, I am still working on a true hardcover Bosoms book, but I’d like to start it as a cheap zine first to see if this will make it easier to spread the content from (nice) person to (other nice) person. I’ve put the zine up for free download so anyone who wants to can print and download. The free download version is different and less classy though because the reallife print is of higer resolution. And of course you can ask me to sign it personally for you 😉
Such incredible additions, right?
I am selling these 28 page zines for Euro 5,00 or donate more if you’re not poor.
Just mail me at jiro[a]jirosworld.com if you want to buy a signed copy!
Additional shipping costs apply.


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