Good idea, not great execution

Here is an honest confession: I’ve been struggling existentially, like many others, during these covid times, for not knowing wether I’m actually a good artist, wether I’m worthy of being loved and if I’m actually able to ever work with neurotypical people again.

During this pandemic my art production has become very low and I’m struggling a lot in many ways, doubting wether I ever should pursue an art career again, like I did, reasonably successfully, from 2017-2019. I don’t see myself networking as easily as I did then, and my current full-time studies for full-stack web developer is also asking its toll. Where will I end up? Will I (again) stop making art or ever try to ‘be’ an artist again? What do I have to offer?
I have only been doing one thing the past 1,5 corona-year: making a full-page comic for HIV+ Hello Gorgeous Magazine. The first one wasn’t very good, but the second one is better. You can enjoy it for free: the magazine is available for free in doctor’s offices and pharmacies. Well… How fitting in these times…

First of the comics (in Dutch) of a couple of months ago: not very good yet.
Or: good idea, but not great execution (story of my life):

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