The Book of Obnoxious People

You can now get my first color publication in the legendary comic books store Lambiek in Amsterdam as well as in Kadett Kadett Amsterdam Art Bookstore and in Savannah Bay bookshop in Utrecht! I really feel like this is my first solo publication ever. Okay, okay: it’s self-published, but still, it’s a publication gurl!
The obnoxious people zine: Embrace the power of negativity” is just like it says in the title: a stimulation to embrace anger and let it all hang out. It’s quite queer, experimental and has some trans-related comics in it, so it may be hard to understand for some people but there’s also comics about selfie-culture and annoying behaviour in cinemas.
This handy booklet covers quite the number of painfully annoying characters, from homophobic couch-potatoes to terrorist-supermarket-housewives. English language only. All universal obnoxious themes!
You can also buy it directly from me.
This is the most exciting news so far this year I think, apart from the fact I’m going to be doing a project for the Amsterdam museum very soon, oh yeah and I did that big animation project a couple of weeks ago. It still feels very much more physically sensational that now, for the first time ever, I made my own book! Yes, it’s actually a zine, but it is multi-coloured, 22 pages, filled with my comics and it’s an official limited edition print that is now sold in a few REAL bookstores.
Another interesting thing is that this is probably my very first work that doesn’t contain sex.
Another first! 😀

Here’s a trailer I made for it:

A little booktrailer.

Riso stencilled comic. Two color print, first edition.
Only 50 copies available in the world!
For sale for 10 euros each at: Lambiek, Kadette Kadett, Savannah Bay and at the Kapsalon Klan Zine Fair on june 15/16 in OT301, Amsterdam,
and directly from the artist himself: me.
Send an email to jiro @ to order.
Shipping costs apply.

Extra: I’m also selling these very cute ‘Medusa Queen of Dildos’ riso printed cards I made.
All of them unique, no two are the same.
And for only 1 euro each you can’t go wrong! It’s 3 euros for a pack of 4 different versions.
(Please buy my stuff, I’m desperate).
More info here.

A6 cards for sale

If you’re interested in other books and magazines that have featured my work, look at my publications portfolio over here.

the artist in his natural habitat
fluorescent orange is the new black

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