#AI killed the design star

Did video actually kill the radio star? No. We still listen to music without music videos. Did cars, or trains or planes kill walking? No, we still choose to walk for particular situations. So I’m not worried about DALL-E Mini killing artists and designers; as in all things: technology will probably and likely kill the larger bulk of labour, but not the specialised, customised cases.

These are not the Bosoms I’m looking for…

You may be wondering what this freaky image is, well…. I tried playing a round with the famed artificial image-generator to try and see if it could create new Bosoms comics for me, but the results are either terrifying or useless. For now…
I was hoping the generator would create an image looking a bit like this:

Two detached pink breasts, smiling.

And here is another one I was trying to mimic:

Two bosoms, with holes instead of nipples, smiling creepily in some weather.

But.. the AI generator came up with this
(I need to work on the prompts still):

Definitely creepier than I could have thought of myself.

Oh no…
I guess, from the entire gallery-set, this one comes closest to what I was looking for:

Francis Bacon who?

But it’s still nowhere near as close as I was trying to accomplish.
I can definitely see myself using tools like these to generate backgrounds, or a general feel, as a basis for inspiration for stuff that I eventually draw myself completely. Also these AI’s are very good at making things in-the-style-of particular artists, which is interesting. But keep in mind these AI’s are still trained by people, and don’t really understand people’s grammar very well (yet).
There really is only one thing that will eventually kille the artist: capitalism.
You knew I was going to say that, and you’re not even an AI.

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