Wishing you a relatively content new year.
(Jiro’s illustration: shows a corona-corpulent Jiro behind a homeworking station he sets in motion by putting down a glass of wine with his right-arm which pushes a lever that throws seeds at Jiro’s pet dove Quinn, which makes the dove fly up from a platform that pushes a button which sets in motion a conveyor belt that turns a cogwheel that tilts the bottle of wine filling the glass; the same conveyor belt twists a ball-bearing system that throws marbles down a marble-run track, that pushes a weight which triggers a vaccine injection into Jiro’s left arm, while at the same time Jiro kicks a soccer ball onto a large hammer which pulls a lighter lightning a gas underneath a mix of BioNtech/Pfizer/Moderna vaccine in a chemistry flask, which comes to a boil and has its fumes set an umbrella in motion that carries an individual facemask from a pile of 50,000 facemasks, all in front of a Zoom background greenscreen).

© Jiro Ghianni 2021

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