#248 The Boyniche Manuscript

Recent discovery sets the whole of human history in entirely new perspective

Transgender people descended from ancient aliens

By Jiro Ghianni, Science reporter, BS News

zoomThe discovery of a manuscript that scholars now have dubbed ‘The Boyniche Manuscript’ is turning all of our assumptions on the dawn of mankind upside down. The book, or codex, contains about 75 pages, written in an unknown writing system that cryptographers have yet to decipher.

Unravelling the mystery of the documents’ content is strenuous work. Not in the least because almost all of the pages are so badly damaged that they are impossible to read (image nr. 1). So far only five pages have been retreived and restored of which one has now been published for the world to see (image nr. 2).

This one page tells a startling story. The vellum parchment shows text and some extraordinary drawings, which seem to suggest transgender people are direct descendants from ancient aliens, devine astronauts or to put it simply: gods. Eventually these transgender dieties, particularly transmen, interbred with humans but the transgender recessive gene still remains intact today. Something which cannot be said about the manuscript itself. The few surviving pages of the book have been carbon-dated to the early 5th century BC, and may have been composed in Greece. This era of many Persian wars may explain why a secret handwriting was used.

image 2 -zoomThe document was found recently during the excavations of a Greek bath house near Mytilene which was known to be home to one of the earliest chronicled gay cruising saunas in human history. The manuscript was immediately acquired by the National Archaeological Museum of Athens where the one restored page is now on display until Christmas. Viewers can gape at the odd writing and the explicitly genderqueer imagery of the work. Not only does this shed a new light on the unfair precarious position of transgender citizens today, it also makes clear how primitive early humans wrongly understood these actual extraterrestrials, and their advanced technologies as evidence of their divine status.

Current interpretation

The page on display shows a graphic representation of some mysterious process. Currently archeologists claim it is said to contain the following: a person with breasts and wearing glasses is being born from a kind of ‘sky vagina’, drops into a machine and comes out without breasts. The breasts themselves are being shot out of another part of the machine (on the left) into the starry sky with the moon while blasting smoke. Another, drag queen like person (middle left), is wearing a Nazca like garment, which seems to suggests the Nazca lines have nothing to do with landing strips or religion, but are related to fashion. On the top right cogwheels can be seen and graphic depictions of noise that touch a giant ear. The transmale person who has gone through transition is standing on top of a type of electric flying carpet with lights and a handle on it, along with some unexplained symbols that look more like ancient Maya art than Greek. On the bottom left a pregnant transman and a transwoman are holding hands in front of a UFO like vehicle that emits flames while kaukasian humans are kneeling in devotion to the right.

Skeptics recommend this 3 hour film, in which none of the claims about the Boyniche Manuscript are put aside, so it remains a strong piece of evidence to the ancient transgender gods theory, or the trans-paleocontact hypothesis.
Since there are still transgender people walking our planet today, this may be the undisputable proof that humans and transgender aliens once interbred and that probably most, if not all, human beings of today are a hybrid trans/queer species.

What do you think? Is this manuscript vital to our understanding of the origin of homo sapiens sapiens? Are cis people going extinct?
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