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Welcome to Jiro Ghianni’s art and illustration site.









Welcome. I am Jiro, a genderqueer transman of yore, most famously the creator of “The Bosoms” comics series, and creative visual technician, please enjoy all there is to see here.
– Commissions are currently open; I make bespoke illustrations and animations
– Some original art is available for sale but I don’t often like parting of them so all of these are mostly available in print
– All art is posted on instagram at @jiroghianni
– Cartoons are posted on twitter at @JirosWorld
– The original comics need to be ‘liked’ on Facebook too!
– There are 3 ways of subscribing: via RSS, via WordPress and through e-mail (click button all the way down right at the bottom) so you can receive each new post in your mailbox directly!
– Here is a fun button: click for a random post!

You are allowed to distribute my comics freely, but… do not alter them and please always credit me and link to me.
Please note: my old URL for this website was “ontboezemingen.wordpress.com” so if you hit any old link, just replace the word “ontboezemingen” with “jirosworld” and you’re done.
My cartoons are published under this free Creative Commons license:

Good idea, not great execution

Here is an honest confession: I’ve been struggling existentially, like many others, during these covid times, for not knowing wether I’m actually […]

non-binary history in the Netherlands

A long, long time ago I was a young bisexual non-binary art student. At that time there was no word for ‘agender’ […]


Jiro pre-cancelled

I have not been cancelled yet, but it could happen anytime. Coming Sunday I will be part of a debate about censorship […]

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