Art by a bird (3): Social Media Coral

“Yes, we found the last coral reef that hasn’t been posted on social media (yet).”

My pet dove made all the paint spots and colours you see here. His little feet (also known as ‘peet’) spread all the (non-toxic) paint on paper sheets. His footprints resemble corals and constellations and flowers. Soon Quinn will become a more successful artist than me.
View more in yesterday’s post and the one before that to see more of this great artistic achievement, our collab with Mas Hab, and to see the originals!

No animals were harmed in the making of this fabulous art. Please like and follow me on instagram.

PS: it looks like I once participated in another Bird Art project, in 2012, but I really absolutely do not remember a thing about it. I probably didn’t actually make anything.

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