TransPride matters + win!

In these trying times of pandemics and failing presidencies, it’s hard to keep on working. But I am happy to announce I got the opportunity to make yet another groundbreaking animation: I made the official bumper trailer for the Amsterdam Transpride. I think I might be the first person in the world to animate the transinclusionary-POC rainbow flag.

This little humble trailer will be used on SALTO Television from july 25th until august 2nd in between all transgender pride items, but… the TV version I made is slightly different from the version on my Youtube channel!
So here is competition sweepstake time for you: if you are able to spot the two differences between the TV broadcast version of my animation and the other ones, you will win a copy of my superfun color zine “Obnoxious People”!
Mail to: Jiro @ Deadline for submissions: august 3rd 0:00h.

(Text continues below image)

You can view the version, with all the cool soundeffects, on my Youtube channel here:
I’m quite happy with the little manga story I made up and how the overal ‘anime’ sound scape of the leader feels.
Storyboard, animation and sound all by me.
If you want to use and consume more of my animated GIFs for free then do so at my Giphy channel @JirosWorld.

And ehm… Due to Covid-19 I will be losing my job next month which means I really, REALLY will need money for my art ‘business’. So if my work has ever put a smile on your face, or if any of my art ever made you ponder and think for a moment, then please buy me a cup of coffee here. It would really mean so much to me and it would support me to make more and continue to offer all of my art for free to a massive audience. It only takes a few people to pay me enough to be able to do this for many. Now, doesn’t that sound amazing?

See you soon hopefully in real life somewhere (with a facemask please)!

Proud still image.

2 replies to “TransPride matters + win!

  1. Prachtige trailer, Jiro! 👌Hoe gaat het verder met je? Graag zou ik “Obnoxious People” bij je bestellen. Wat is de handigste manier om dat te doen? Waar kan ik betalen? Mijn adres is i.i.g. ***** (Adres verwijderd voor privacy redenen).

    Groetjes, X,
    Robert Weijers

    Get Outlook for Android


    1. Hey Robert, dankjewel, wat leuk. Mijn werk is te koop in mijn webshop hier d.m.v. Paypal of credit card (NB: voor een Paypal account heb je geen creditcard nodig, die kun je aan iDeal koppelen).

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