Inktober 2019: The battle of bi

It’s inktober again. This means: draw EVERY DAY. You may remember last year’s inktober I did in 2018; that meant a definite increase of the quality of my work I think. Also: it gave me a lot of material I was able to use for multiple exhibitions, more than I’ve ever had. In the past year I have had at least nine exhibits. That’s more than I’ve had in all of my ‘career’ since graduating from art-school in 2000!
This year for inktober I’m again posting on insta daily:

I’ve had a very turbulent love-hate relationship with the bisexual label. I never quite know what it is that makes me not want to be part of it again, but this month I just want to focus positively on its diversity and its amoeba-like character.
I also want to put the spotlight on the modest volunteers and anyone else who remains in the background of the bi ‘scene’. This is the first of a special zine conspiracy I’ll be doing together with the current and/or future legend Rachael House – we will be combatting BiErasure in our joint forces. My inktober thing will not be in black&white, nor will I follow a prompt list. It will all be red. And sexual. Redsexual I guess.
For the past 15 years I decided to call myself just ‘sexual’ instead of bi… But I was very active in the Dutch bi movement during the 90’s and 2000’s. I co-organized the First European Bi Conference in Rotterdam and I designed the Dutch bi logo. The bi label became problematic to me, and part of that might be my own subjective experiences.
That’s why I’m doing this series aimed at positivity.
Her is the first half of it: the first 18 comics of my month-long series about battling the world’s BiPhobia, including my own.

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