Queer Zines for the Amsterdam Museum

Pride Week 2019 is over, and I had a ‘first time’ experience of being paid to offer critique. It felt good.
Here is a collection of the DIY mini-zines I made for the Amsterdam Museum: every day I made a new one. It was exhausting because I had to first be present at every LGBTQ+ tour in the collection and then draw and write and design every night until 3 in the morning.
But the results were cheeky, ‘insightful’ (according to museum staff) and actually quite Not Safe For Work. I am especially proud of my “Proposal for queer sex in the museum” – which actually totally answered to the museum’s initial question to me: create something that ‘queerupts’ the museum. And queerly disrupt it did… Some staff didn’t think my work was fit for children – but strangely enough they didn’t mind displaying horrible acts of cruelty by colonists towards slaves.
However: many people really did appreciate my efforts and I hope to be able to do this more often. I really like decolonizing the museum. It’s my way of taking revenge on the institutes that wrongly educated me a 100% limited western view on art history 25 years ago.



Zine Downloads

Elke zine past op een A4 vel en kan standaard geprint/gekopieerd worden. Er is 1 sneetje of knip met een schaar nodig, waarna je het papier kunt vouwen tot een kruis en dan kunt omklappen tot een klein boekje.
Each zine fits on an letter sheet and can be printed/copied as standard. Make 1 slice or cut with scissors, after which you can fold the paper into a cross and then fold it into a small book.

CLICK to download to your desktop or cellphone.

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