Video-art: THEY – A Nonbinary Celebration

Coming Sunday a lot of my animation- and video-art will be shown on the big screen in WORM S/ash Gallery Rotterdam as part of “THEY – A Nonbinary Celebration

“Jiro Ghianni is a queer transman in Amsterdam, from a time when the word ‘genderqueer’ did not exist yet. Jiro is a multi-media artist, illustrator, genderprogressive and long-time sexpositive activist. He programmes webapps and sells zines in exchange for cheese.”

Please consume their extensive event description:



We invite you to come to THEY to kick off the beginning of Queer Summer 2019.

THEY is a party that celebrates all non-binary identities. Expect performances, astonishing DJs, a breathtakingly cool tombola and a NON-BINARY RUNWAY to celebrate all those amazing non-binary bodies out there. Come express yourselves and your bodies in all its varieties and let’s celebrate the magnificent and gorgeous practice of transcending beyond humanity’s knowledgeable vast arrangements of body parts and gender expressions by turning into surreal, posthuman, futurist and alienist creatures i.e. dressing up all around the theme of science fiction.

We will try to make it a safer space for people of all genders or non-genders. We explicitly host this party for transpeople, genderqueers, nonbinary people, gender non-conformists, genderfluids, non-genders, a-genders—in short all non-cis gendered. Allies, friends and family (cis-gendered people) are very welcome, but we do ask you to respect the fact that this is an area especially created for those who might experience difficulties with being safe in other public areas. Please educate yourself (google the words in this text) if needed before you go, and read our intentions at the door.

Listen, care, dance, repeat.

Tickets €5 presale, €7 at the door (PIN only)

Our intentions in creating this time is specially inspired to bring people that may feel vulnerable in going alone or may be new to the queer community/city. So, PLEASE, PLEASE, anyone feel welcome to join us with friends without friends, we are here and we can’t wait to meet you!

THEY is part of QUEER SUMMER ROTTERDAM! Check out our other events in July!


Kübra Varol is a non binary trans person of color performing as Cupid. They utilize dance, music, text, spoken word, drag and comedy in their performances which they see as a way to heal and encourage healing. Performing is a way they confront their deepest fears and through vulnerability, radical honesty and openness to failure, they intend to empower themselves and the audience.

Many Faced Godx is a Berlin based Visual and Performance Artist, Dancer, Singer and Writer originally from Tehran. their work touches on concepts of otherness, trauma, healing, body and identity. Why must we move? Why must we speak, sing and write? What transforms us in the cocoon of society and what mobilizes change starting within ourselves? Many Faced Godx wants to show you a glimpse of the invisible journey to freedom within…

Stacy Alves is a black non-binary queer MC and poet from Curaçao. Their art is a reflection of their own experiences intertwined with that of folks with similar backgrounds and identities. Through their art they articulate political, emotional and psychological struggles that marginalized bodies and identities deal with. Transcending boundaries of language and interpretation, they push for political change, consciousness and chillness.

Quentin Zero is a postdisciplinary maker, thinker and organizer from Groningen. They are white, of post binary gender and pansexual. They believe in the destruction of fascism.
In HOK, QUENTINZERO will once again try to destroy my hokjes ( social categories ). “I want to remove myself from the homonormativity and the binarism in the queer community, i want to move away from the doe maar normaal of the dutch mouth, i want to move towards a place where i can be without words. this year i want to focus on broadening my sexual and gender identity, not identifying myself in a serious and necessary way”


Queer Rotterdam’s very own Maartje Loogman & Laura Deschepper aka Gorge Michael & Medouch.
The reincarnation of George Michael, back to save you from the heteropatriarchy.
The reimagining of Medusa’s tale through a multiple personality mechanism. “Slimy, yet satisfying”
Mixing the first hour with tunes that urge you to move your feet and sing along.
Come dance with these kings at 19!

Them Fatale’s DJ sets range from juicy trap beats, to chaotic electro, dark industrial techno, gabber hardcore and queer feminist hip hop. Within and beyond mixing tracks, they are interested in the relation between sound and gender performativity. As part of their artistic research, they explore the specific ways in which masculinity takes space in daily life through sound, i.e. ‘sonic manspreading’. But most importantly, Them Fatale tries to reclaim a queer femme sonic space.

the genderclown dj’s will serve nothing but mess…expect non-binary comtemporary, not-so-guilty pleasure and unpredictable movements.

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