Art: Little old ladies

Sad old ladies shopping series (3/3). Unknowingly they defy selfie culture and body dysmorphia. The elderly are great, let’s draw them more. Seniors deserve more likes.
Just a little side project between all my drawing before gaypride breaks loose here, during which I’m doing a project with an Amsterdam museum + doing two exhibits.
I have decided I only want to draw little old ladies from now on. I find their postures very interesting, endearing and heartbreaking. The following drawings are by themselves three reasons why they are much more compelling to draw than stick-figure cover models.

Reason #1: Look at her, so cute. Her short legs have carried her all her life.
Reason #2: This woman may not be fashionable, but she knows how to survive.
Reason #3: A wise woman knows suffering.

2 replies to “Art: Little old ladies

  1. I can't seem to find any space "above this line" in which to respond.  So I will attempt it this your posts!  I am surgically boobless as well and have been since my double mastectomy mistakenly done back in 1983.  I realized about 20 years later it had been mistake.  I had thought that having  them removed would make me look more; not so; I only looked like a flat-chested female.  It wasn't until 2017 that I learned I was intersex from conception and did not produce enough testosterone to masculinize me and while I did produce some estrogen, I only got those damned breasts.  Today after 23 years of testosterone HRT I look male…bald. beard, and a very low bass voice. Thanks for the amusement. Lloyd

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