Animation news: my official TranScreen trailer

Here’s the big news: I made the official trailer for TranScreen, the Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival this year.
It’s an animated sequence where I was hoping to create something that looks utterly innocent to innocent people, yet… all out kinky to kinky people! I’m quite happy with the little adventures I made up and how the overal ‘tone’ of the leader feels.

View the official TranScreen trailer on my youtube channel here.
Storyboard, animation and sound all by me.
The little gender creatures themselves were designed by Lae Schäfer who is, in my opinion, one of the most talented young comic artists in the Netherlands right now.

If you want to use and consume my animated GIFs then do so at my Giphy channel @JirosWorld.

And ehm… I really, REALLY desperately need money, so if my work has ever put a smile on your face, or if any of my art ever made you ponder and think, then please buy me a cup of coffee here. It would really mean so much to me and it would support me to make more and continue to offer all of my art for free to a massive audience. It only takes a few people to pay me enough to be able to do this for many. Now, doesn’t that sound amazing?
See you at TranScreen!

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