Comics: in black and white dotted space

On instagram I’m now posting all of my new work much faster then on my website.
My goal is to develop a set, focused comic style. With probably a mix between naive and realistic elements. On instagram I’ve made my feed look more attractive by uploading my work in pairs of three in similar styles and colours, so they’ll look better as combinations in the standard 3×3 grid.
These three I’m not quite happy with, since I’m still having lots of trouble with figuring out the right amount of whitespace and composition, but I’m sure you’re enjoying them anyway.
I do like to omit color more and more, so please gleefully consume this new black-and-white polkadot style.
I aim to be a New Yorker cartoonist one day, oh yes I do.

(Image of an unfashionable man with a mullet and his dog that looks like Edna Mode)
“This is the future liberals want. I can’t wait.”

(Image of a happy fairy sprinkling a happy useless tagline across a field of murdered hate-crime victims)
Being pissed about the world does not help so I made a cartoon about today’s International UN’s Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – on the same day a creepy right-winged party won a landslide victory in Dutch provincial elections. These kinds of silly days do NOT #FightRacism – having policy advisors in an ivory tower sprinkling their sweet words while people are bashed in all sorts of ways is nothing but a bitter diversion.

(Image of a girl taking a selfie with her heart that she just tore from her own body)
Sometimes when people speak publicly about their hardships, it can feel cringy. When misery is used as a unique selling point, there is almost no way to address this, without coming across as a terrible asshole. A dilemma. Do you know the solution?

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