Art: International Prototype of Masculinity

If anything happens that’s outside of gender norms, fragile masculinity immediately deflates, so the base unit from the International Prototype of Manliness must be kept static and clearly defined at all costs.


“International Prototype of Manliness: the base unit of masculinity in the International System of Units, defined by a small platinum alloy phallus, on display under a protective double glass bell at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, in Paris. The artefact has been the standard of the unit of manhood for the metric system since 1875. Other traditional units of virility and fragile male standards around the world are now also defined in terms of the male biological sex, making the International Prototype of Manliness the primary standard for virtually all units of machismo on Earth. Powers such as gravitational attraction of the measurand cause a distortion of the spring and sets off instability in alpha males and their static concepts of social constructs.”

(No, there isn’t actually such a metal object somewhere in this world – I’m just showing you how the idea of masculinity has been kept static for centuries  – which means we can redefine it, no matter how many people say something isn’t ‘manly’ and it’s all painstakingly set in stone).

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