Cartoon: The Nightmare of the Fisherman’s Wife

This year my work got censored at my very first solo exhibit. One of the conditions said explicitly that ‘bestiality’ was not allowed, which immediately made me think of the classic piece The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife that would be deemed inappropriate here. I’m still wondering if there is more censorship in queer art than in straight art, since I’ve never been confronted with such conditions before. The festival I was part of got money from a fund that explicitly mentioned bestiality and pedophilia as prohibited from the art + my cute not-very-scary Bosoms comics were banned from a theatre. I’ve never been so confused.

The theatre wanted to exhibit my work, but not the explicit stuff. I never got a chance to discuss this with them. I was planning to be totally willing to give in to them – which means I would have censored myself! But the festival just moved me elsewhere (again with problems). My next expo is in a restaurant; and i’m already in a panic about what to show.
The Dutch are not as openminded as they think. All I can say after this ordeal is: I’ve been looking for ways to make my work MORE explicit, not less.

Here’s new work I made. Like it, subscribe to my instagram, share, or pay me:


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