#276 Hate-crime season

If you haven’t been following me on Instagram, you’ve been missing out. I’m seriously doing the inktober thing every day, and I feel it’s a very good exercise to try and come up with original ideas and to practice different drawing styles. I’m hoping that after this month I wil do another and another and another, with just different prompts every day.

Today I posted a Bosoms adventure. My initial thought was: what if one day hate-crimes are over? What if nobody gets bullied or beaten up anymore? In such a world I guess swollen eyes will be a luxury, a fashion statement. But this comic came out differently, and looks more like a critique of the times we’re living in. Which is easier to swallow for the public I think. I’m expecting my initial joke is too much part of the weird universe in my head.
No one will understand that.

Go to Bosoms comic number #275.

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