#275 The decadent activist

There is a paradox within many activist communities. Take for example queer activism: the struggle here is to bridge power differences, most often regardless of the basis of them, whether they be stemming from gender power differences or economic class. Eventually the most extreme group differences will water down and diminish. And that’s what we want right? A better life for queer people? Yet when I, as a queer trans individual personally gain power and a better life, I do not get a congratulatory kitten.When I’m doing better I will get ostracised for it by the very same people from minority communities who should all have better lives as individuals. I’ve found this to be a difficult personal conflict, driven by peer pressure. On the one hand I need a better life, because my ageing body can’t stand squatters’ standards no more, but on the other hand I do not want to loose my true safe spaces. A catch 22. So I made a comic about it.

Mail your solutions to this dilemma free of charge to my mailbox jiro@jirosworld.com and I will draw you your own congratulatory kitten.



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