#244 Sketching for the kids

This is a post from 2015 that never got published. Mostly due to my depression than ran all the way through in 2016 (not a good year for any of us). But here it is:

Everybody who knows me, knows that I love kids, if they are over the age of 21… I usually avoid any human being born before the year 1995 however I was super stoked about having received a commission from Rutgers WPF/Sense and the top gay youth magazine of the Netherlands: ExpresZo.
In their april/may 2013 issue they had an extra insert called ‘Trans&Zo’, focusing on trans people – including a short interview with me and also a full page cartoon, guest starring the bosoms! It was distributed widely all over the Netherlands.

The assignment was thus: “Help, we suddenly need a full page illustration within one week. The subject should be something about the LGBT coalition in a playful and funny way. Why are we talking about LGBT? What do LGB and T have to do with each other? What do they have in common and what not? Which prejudices are there about LGB towards T? In which are they the same and where do they overlap? Do LGB’s overlap amongst each other and perhaps also with T? The idea is that your cartoon should make readers (both LHB and T) stop and think.

Oh my f*cking god” I thought “how can one ever put this many things in one cartoon?!” but I was lucky enough to get an instant brainwave and an idea came up immediately that really fits all of this. So here is my very first sketch:

They accepted the initial idea and after a few days of stressful drawing I finally gave them this as the end result:
zoom which is my solution to the dilemmma.

But they were not okay now with ‘the breasts being cut off and the drops of blood’ – even though this was part of the original sketch. Their point being is that they were putting together a serious (and rather good) website with dating and sexual advice for trans* youth who may feel the knife is too confrontational. Some discussion followed. I even said “well, you know that if you ask ME, you will not get My Little Pony” (which actually isn’t true anymore). But of course I wanted to be flexible and I hope to get more cartoon projects in future. I decided to put in a Monty Python type of hand, so this is the definite and censored result that you can see in the magazine:

This is not a 100% autobiographical comic strip – but I understand that people think it might be. I was never a lesbian. The cartoon is actually about perception: how people label you, based on your gender representation. And at the moment I don’t mind with being seen as ‘gay’ by gay men.
Plus: the awful term ‘LGBT’ always sounds too constructed and assembled, hence it seemed like fun to put the character on a repetitive assembly line conveyor belt kind of thing. It’s great to see it in print and I hope some trans* youth who sees it, will experience joy from it, and that gays and lesbians who see it, start questioning their own perceptions.

Anyways. This cartoon is the reason I put up a question to you all: what about The Bosoms? Are they ‘too much’ for some trans* people? I’d really like to hear actual comments with content on this. I wonder if this comic would have been ‘too much’ for me, 5 years ago when I was in the very beginning phase of pre-hormones and pre-everything-else. I think my bosoms-cartoons usually are very layered. They are not comparable to the running penis from South Park’s Mister Garrisson.
But if you think they are: tell me.

Oh and don’t forget to take a look at the excellent Sense website: www.sense.info/transgender
Read some of my own odd cruising experiences here: www.transgold.wordpress.com.

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