What if…series #1 #2 #3 #4

Here’s a whole new series I’ve been thinking about for a while. Most of my gags in my other series (like The Bosoms and The Qualiens) take place in a kind of alternative universe, I’ve noticed. So I’m taking the easy way by making 1 panel ‘what if…’ scenarios.
I’ve drawn all of these with my newly bought expensive professional Pentel Pocket Brush, over which I have ZERO control, it’s really difficult! And because of its paint-like lines I’ve found myself drawing flowers- and trees kitsch spontaneously, it’s worrisome. I’m going back to cheap and ordinary office materials for my other stuff…
In these panels it seems there are no queer or gender related gags, but… I do have quite a few in mind, so it’s not quite disappearing from my work as a theme just yet.

UPDATE: view the new ‘What if…’ comics that I made for Knik Magazine here.









Do you like them?

I wonder: is there still something ‘queer’ about these comics? Even though there’s nothing trans/gender/queer in them? I need an academic…

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