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I have news for you! Two big things are happening in the year that hasn’t yet begun.
First: my proposal for the very first Queers & Comics Conference in New York got accepted! The conference will be in may 2015, so exciting!
Second: I’ll be in a book! In march 2015 a book about feminism in the Netherlands will be published and one of my autobio trans comics is going to be published in it.

*Woosh* – that’s the sound of my hand wiping my forehead. These really are two major things to come. I’m not sure yet if I’ll actually be able to afford to attend the conference in NYC but I’d like to tell you the titles of my proposals anyway:
1-PUSHING FURTHER. A call for non-explanatory subject matter in professional transgender cartooning.
2-IS THIS FUNNY? A presentation on non-American transgender premises.
3-“I KNOW IT WHEN I SEE IT” the non/sense of labeling and pigeonholing.
I’m actually planning to write long blog posts about these 3 subjects because pondering about them all on my own is no longer sufficient enough. So be on the look out for those.
And the book, oh boy (I mean: ‘oh person’) a real book! The book is under the supervision of Anja Meulenbelt and will feature works by Marlene Dumas, Farida Laan, Netty van Hoorn, Patricia Kaersenhout, Gon Buurman and Joz Motmans. More famous names to come.

jiroSantaWhat else happened this year?

      1. 1- I did a little

    autism pride eventthing.

    2- I proposed a new name for “international women’s day” ~ it is now “international women’s and women identified gendersoup day.”

3- A piece I spoke on march 8th “How I became feminist after becoming male” got reblogged a lot.

      1. 4- I was commissioned a

    special Bosoms comic for the Amsterdam Gay Pride magazine, so this was the first transgender comic ever in there.

      1. 5- My work was exhibited in the

    ‘Queering art’ exhibit, an overview, in Nijmegen and one of my pieces got sold. This was the first time since 2001 I sold a piece of my art, I think…

      1. 6-

    I was interviewed on Dutch national television

    1. about gay cruising as a genderqueer transman.
      1. This gave me more hits on my

    TransGold website that has cruising advice for transguys.

    7- I never used clickbait to attract viewers to my posts.
      1. 8- The F-word festival was another opportunity for me to

    exhibit new comic work

    1. and to promote the

Zsa Zsa Zine

    collective I’m in.
    1. 9- All my zines got sold out at the

Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaalit in Helsinki

      1. 10- I was part of a

    discussion panel about a transgender perspective on mainstream animation

      1. at the Klik animation festival Amsterdam. I was also doing live drawing during the same festival. And… My larger-than-life size drawing of an

    awesome nude transguy *superhero* got exhibited in the mainstream Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

The dear people at SF MOTHA featured my endeavour in this Buzzfeed ‘Transgender Art & Culture’ post.

      1. 11- This was also the year I officially retired from doing performances, but I’m coming back one last time: on saturday december 27th I will be on stage as a Klaus Nomi character on the WTF Queer party in

    Vrankrijk, Amsterdam.

Furthermore, apart from artistic and activist endeavors, I’ve been on permanent sick leave and taking care of my mother after the draining death of my father but still I rebranded myself as a webdeveloper. I do (responsive) webdesign and PHP/mySQL thingies and app stuff. My first design/development project is and I am now doing an internship at a tiny webcompany that only serves nice clients who do sustainable development. Goody!

So that was 2014.
More than I expected.

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