Beyond, beyonder, beyondest

Klik! Animation festival Amsterdam is totally focused on gender this year and that’s why I’m announcing with much joy I’ll be their guest as part of two separate events + an exhibition. It’s amazing to see that a mainstream fest such as Klik does something with gender, yippee!

Now, my dear readers, fifteen years ago I was a relatively successful queer animator. This was the time when my daily dinner consisted of white beans in tomato sauce. However my gender/queer animations were screened all over the world (New York, Toulouse, Hamburg, Tokyo, Den Helder at the FFOCS…) and even though I quit making animations myself I’m still a slightly insane and avid fan. I watch at least 2 hours of animation every day (I’m usually bingewatching The Tick, The Simpsons, Ghibli films, Kabouter Wesley, Dexter’s Lab, Shin Sekai Yori and even crap like Dungeons & Dragons) so I think I have something to say about the representation of gender and sexuality in them 🙂 which is exactly what I will be doing on Sunday November 9th 14:30h at the Eye Filmmuseum. I will be talking about Barbapapa, the Powerpuff Girls and much, much more. Who knew that bingewatching actually could be beneficial? Info and tickets here:
Gender Talks: Transgenders Decoding the Code
Popular culture is filled with social codes, codes that tell us how to behave. Girls should behave nicely and be beautiful just like Cinderella, boys should be tough like Spider-Man. But for a lot of us who don’t conform to that one-size-fits-all marketing mold, things are not as self-evident as they might seem. If you are unsure of your gender, or if you differ from society’s gender norms, who do you have to identify yourself with? Petra van Dijk, Jiro Ghianni, Eliza Steinbock and Rein Anspach challenge your perception by sharing pop culture fragments that influenced them throughout their lives.

Saturday the 8th + Sunday the 9th Zsa Zsa Zine will do live drawing of gigantic exquisite corpses! I will be part of the drawing crew. Entrance to our drawing table is free, so come and join in and make some weird drawings yourself. This means I will have to be in two different places at once, which is solved by way of exhibiting the drawings immediately in the same space. As a collective we had to work with Klik’s theme “Boys, Girls and Beyond” so I came up with “Beyond, Beyonder, Beyondest” which is now the official title of our event here.

I am also part of the team that made large Zsa Zsa Zine ‘gender’ posters that will be exhibited in Eye as well. Here is a totally sensational sneak preview of the 4 ideas I had for the poster. I don’t usually show my sketches but here it makes sense: these sketches are the final result of their idea and 3 of these will never be finished, so this is their final platform before they disappear into a never ending oblivion. Only one of them is going to be turned into a slick large scale copy. And I’m not telling you which, you’ll just have to come and see.

The 4 ideas you see here are:
1. A multigendered alien-robot love affair
2. Transboy, the transmale Astroboy
3. A transfemale version of Barbarella
4. Lesbian peacock wins the ladies! (slightly intersex also)
To infinity and beyond, beyonder beyondest!


program booklet

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