Beyond, beyonder, beyondest

Klik! Animation festival Amsterdam is totally focused on gender this year and that’s why I’m announcing with much joy I’ll be their guest as part of two separate events + an exhibition. It’s amazing to see that a mainstream fest such as Klik does something with gender, yippee!

Now, my dear readers, fifteen years ago I was a relatively successful queer animator. This was the time when my daily dinner consisted of white beans in tomato sauce. However my gender/queer animations were screened all over the world (New York, Toulouse, Hamburg, Tokyo, Den Helder…) and even though I quit making animations myself I’m still a slightly insane and avid fan. I watch at least 2 hours of animation every day (I’m usually bingewatching The Tick, The Simpsons, Ghibli films, Kabouter Wesley, Dexter’s Lab, Shin Sekai Yori and even crap like Dungeons & Dragons) so I think I have something to say about the representation of gender and sexuality in them 🙂 which is exactly what I will be doing on Sunday November 9th 14:30h at the Eye Filmmuseum. I will be talking about Barbapapa, the Powerpuff Girls and much, much more. Who knew that bingewatching actually could be beneficial? Info and tickets here.

Saturday the 8th + Sunday the 9th Zsa Zsa Zine will do live drawing of gigantic exquisite corpses! I will be part of the drawing crew. Entrance to our drawing table is free, so come and join in and make some weird drawings yourself. This means I will have to be in two different places at once, which is solved by way of exhibiting the drawings immediately in the same space. As a collective we had to work with Klik’s theme “Boys, Girls and Beyond” so I came up with “Beyond, Beyonder, Beyondest” which is now the official title of our event here.

I am also part of the team that made large Zsa Zsa Zine ‘gender’ posters that will be exhibited in Eye as well. Here is a totally sensational sneak preview of the 4 ideas I had for the poster. I don’t usually show my sketches but here it makes sense: these sketches are the final result of their idea and 3 of these will never be finished, so this is their final platform before they disappear into a never ending oblivion. Only one of them is going to be turned into a slick large scale copy. And I’m not telling you which, you’ll just have to come and see.

The 4 ideas you see here are:
1. A multigendered alien-robot love affair
2. Transboy, the transmale Astroboy
3. A transfemale version of Barbarella
4. Lesbian peacock wins the ladies! (slightly intersex also)
To infinity and beyond, beyonder beyondest!


program booklet

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