Cartoon #204 New Lover

Sorry, but while I was coloring the latest comic, my computer suddenly crashed. This has never happened before. Everything froze, so all I could do, was take a picture of the cartoon I was working on. I’m posting it here, hopefully I’ll find the time to enhance it further.

It’s in Dutch because I am making a few cartoons with The Bosoms for the We Can campaign.
The Bosoms are the most unlikely new ‘coalition partners’ and will help spread their message on violence against women, even though The Bosoms themselves can be quite sexist 😉
Translation below.


“One night the bosoms were browsing the web”
– “Whenever we’re looking for an easily controllable lover…”
– “…We just google the locations of all Women’s shelters…”

Interesting about this cartoon is that in Dutch the entire text is gender neutral (that’s why I made the bosoms look for a new ‘lover’ – not for a new ‘girlfriend’).
But in English there’s only the word ‘womens shelter’ – the literal Dutch equivalent translates as ‘stay-off-my-back-shelters’ or something.
Or does anyone know of a current genderneutral English expression for these homes?
In the meanwhile, check out the massive We Can campaign in South Asia where the incidence of domestic violence is highest in the world.
Without genderbased violence against women, the violence against transgender people may end as well.
Let’s be allies whenever we can.

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