Cartoon #199 Channel


A note from the author: Almost at 200 cartoons now. And this one is not gender themed. There are plenty of subjects and punlines I’ve got in my pocket.
Do I need new characters or is it OK to use the bosoms for non-transgender related subjects?
Developing new characters actually would come in handy: it would give me the chance to develop characters with… arms!
The bosoms do not have any, which limits their range of postures. But it’s also a challenge: I think I am actually quite well able to give them different types of actions and emotions, even without gestures.
Just look at their plumb little boobie-bodies: they’ve got a stance!
Watch out for episode 200 and 201. They will be special.

5 replies to “Cartoon #199 Channel

  1. Just stick with the bosoms. The live in a world where non transgender things happen. (yeah, it’s hardly to believe I know :))

  2. Of course it’s OK to use the Bosoms in non-trans content: They’re the stars and I’d be sad to see them left out. They’re certainly not easy to draw with a wide variety of postures but you manage to draw them showing a lot of different emotions so they don’t seem to handicapped (no pun intended!) by that!

    As for Marmite… Love it! Actually, I think a nice slice of toasted German brown bread and a thin spreading of Marmite is just what I need right now! 🙂

  3. why would they need arms and/or legs/feet? They managed without in almost 200 cartoons and limbs will make them more like regular cartoons, bosoms don’t have limbs, unless you amputate a bosom and arm together…

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