Cartoon #172 Atoms

Well… Think about it!*


*: Yes I know: not everything that’s made from carbon is the same thing… But I truly believe there is no such thing as a ‘male’ bodypart. A vagina isn’t made from different kinds of bodycells than a penis. And a Dutch breast isn’t a different organ from an Ethiopian breast. But they can differ in position and power.
It’s all the same thing yet somehow different. The difference is what puzzles me.

5 replies to “Cartoon #172 Atoms

  1. “Philosophy begins in wonder,” said Aristotle (or Plato, or even Socrates). And in wonder it has remained ever since.

  2. It matters very little what the eye is made of. What matters is what the eye beholds and then comes ‘significance’.

    I truly believe Buck Angel’s “mangina” is a male body part, because Buck Angel is a man.

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