‘A’ Week 7

Last day of ‘A’ Week today!
Scroll down for more cartoons – it was fun to try and make them, I might do it again next year. Also I’m thinking of more ‘theme’ weeks.


I’m not a fan of ‘direct democracy’, referendums and ballots. The Argumentum ad populum always scares me, since I’m part of a minority (being an omnisexual trans genderqueer).
The majority doesn’t make an opinion or a morality ‘right’ – it just shows how much support there is. Ergo: the fact that the majority of humans believe in god/gods, doesn’t make it an actual fact.

More cartoons for ‘A’ Week:
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6 replies to “‘A’ Week 7

    1. Hm… I’m not sure what you mean by intolerance in relation to this actual cartoon?
      It’s true that I am totally intolerant towards religion itself but NEVER towards people who believe.
      I like to make a point of that – and it’s the reason I don’t like certain types of atheists.

  1. I intended to illustrate that I share your apprehension towards “majorities” and the ways in which being a majority tends to shape reactions towards minorities. Casu quo the reaction of a very self-confident secular majority towards a ‘silly’ religious minority.
    So it was not your cartoon, but an issue it relates to. In my view.

    1. Off topic: Congratulations! You just made the 200th comment on this site!
      This means you will be featured in one of our cartoons very soon, whether you like it or not 😉

    1. Ik heb nog 5 strips op voorraad liggen voordat ik een nieuwe maak dus je hebt nog genoeg tijd voor aspirientjes 😉

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