Cartoon #165 Chinice

What if China would go on strike?
Think of the global sexual frustration it would cause!!


For the fans: I really like the background color I created for this one.
You usually never get to see this, but here it is: naked bosoms!


(I know I shouldn’t have said that last line;
it will cause weird incoming google search results again…)

2 replies to “Cartoon #165 Chinice

  1. Hey, I have a blog on bicycle safety, and you should see some of the search strings that bring people to my site. BTW I would kill to have bicycle infrastructure like you have in Holland.

    1. Bicycle… isn’t that a euphemism for bisexual? 🙂
      And yes: I’m quite fond of looooong bike rides on the Dutch bikelane infrastructure here, it’s really nice! I heard Denmark is actually even better for biking – it’s much less crowded.
      And thanks for dropping by on my site – isn’t this cartoonsite a bit too weird for you?

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