Cartoon #144 Sex museum


There are millions of genders but there are only two reproductive sexes. Which is of no importance.
Sexual reproduction is simply the exchange of genetic material.
It has nothing to do with being man or woman.
And that’s why it doesn’t make sense to ‘correct’ intersex people. Sometimes it’s all so simple.

9 replies to “Cartoon #144 Sex museum

  1. From such a viewpoint sex reassignment is not likely to make much sense either, or does it?

    For the rest there is sense in your statement: one doesn’t need reproductive organs to be a man or a woman. People with intersex conditions most often do not have any reproductive organs to begin with and transsexual people usually end up without any. In case of sterilisation as a means to birth controll the organs end up being reproductive as wel. Such is the effect of menopause too. Or hysterectomy. Reproductive organs are a lot more scarce than is often presumed ….

    As to the effect of the state of ones physical characteristics on sexe and gender I am afraid it is no longer all so simple.

    1. Your point is precisely the point we are making in this cartoon. This one simply shows the ‘sexes’ – the two needed for reproduction. And underlying in this cartoon is a critique on the dominant notion our bodyparts are supposed to ‘define’ us. Without actually realising that people who are not intersex (but cis), may not have the capability to reproduce at all. The cartoon doesn’t say anything about any individuals actual body experience. That is a different topic. And yes: is unconnected to being male or female. Any individual has the right to reassignment – let’s call it ‘gender reassignment’, not ‘sex reassignment.’
      Really Janiek… It’s starting to get annoying and it looks like you want each and every one of these cartoons to make a 15.000 page statement on the whole of humanity.

      1. :-). You are overestimating both my efforts and my demands: I have only commented on two of your cartoons and in fact only on the accompanying statements. And I have been quite satisfied in being abel to add just a couple of remarks in order to “balance” these statements. But as I hate to be annoying, I’ll leave at this, allright?

        1. Sorry. Ofcourse the comment section is actually meant for … eh… comments, yeah…
          And you haven’t just been commenting here, but also on our facebook page!
          So that makes more than two!
          Anyway: the goal for these comics is to make people think. And it seems they at least do -something- with you.
          It’s a good thing.
          Hope you don’t feel repressed!
          Freedom of speech… blah dee dee blah…

  2. Most of your comics make me laugh, some make me think, but this one and the one before were more like statements that triggered my argumentative side. That’s probably what made my comments come across as annoying. Getting into a contrarian mood is not the most free way of thinking and speaking. So sorry from my behalf as well :-).

  3. As to ‘sex reassignment” vs. “gender reassignment”: today I was at VUmc and had to answer questions like “In the past 12 months, how often did you feel bad about the fact that you are a man?” I asked the psychologist (a young woman) at the other side of the table: “How am I supposed to answer that question? How would *you* answer that question?” For the last couple of years, there is nothing wrong with my gender or my genderfeelings. So what is the “fact” and what am I doing down there? Can it be called a “sex alignment”? Or is it all just about having the same gender in the sauna as at work? Or the same sex in bed as the woman I’d like to make love to me?

    Here’s something that makes *me* think ….

  4. Good one! Let’s hope the VU doesn’t think TOO much – or else they might make their crazy questions lists too academic 🙂

  5. Don’t you worry :-). The psychologist didn’t seem the least bit upset and just told me to handle the questions any way I liked. “There is no ‘wrong’!” Which is a very practical appraoch all academics could benefit from…..

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