Cartoon #100 Planet Espresso

Finally here it is!
Cartoon #100!
I’ve made it in the style of a ‘graphic novel’ – it’s an extra big, two page issue this time!
+ an award is involved!
Make as many comments as you can, on ALL past episodes of my Bosoms blog: the person who makes the MOST & the MOST CLEVER comments overall will win a T-SHIRT with their FAVORITE ‘Off My Chest’ cartoon on it!!! No matter where you live! So… Be witty, and be a winner.
Deadline: saturday, december 4th, 12:00 GMT.

Tip: go to this page for tips on navigation.

Here is the long-awaited episode 100, page 1:
(Don’t forget to zoom in)


And here is page 2:
It may take a while to load!
(again: zoom in)


Enjoy, comment, and win that T-shirt!

UPDATE: We have a winner!

One reply to “Cartoon #100 Planet Espresso

  1. Well finally, after this two-pager, I’m taking a break for a few days, so you can all make nice comments in the meanwhile, without being distracted by new episodes 🙂
    Although… I’d like to make a full futuristic ‘Planet Espresso’ album! I have lots of ideas on where this story might go… It needs a gay love interest!

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