Did you know…?

BIn celebration of the 100th cartoon which will be published THIS weekend, here are a few “Did you know?” facts.

Did you know…
– this comic started as a one time joke on july 22nd 2010?
– this means this cartoonseries is only 4⅓ months old?
– that it got picked up very fast by someone who was organising a queer art exhibition?
– and very soon after that an article about it appeared on Lover magazine weblog?
– that the author, I, Jiro Ghianni, was already a well known artist and transactivist and I still go by the name of ‘Joli(e)’ and I’m co-organising the new transgender filmfestival TranScreen?
– there is an online store where you can buy ‘Off my chest’ goodies?
– my initial plan was to make 100 cartoons, because: at 1 cartoon a day, 3 months would have passed. Which would mean my pain from the operation would be over. It’s still not quite healed!
– through Twitter I got a few responses from transwomen who seem to be interpreting my webcomics as ‘transploitation’ – but ofcourse my intent, as a genderqueer transman, is to make a cartoon where ‘anything goes’ – nothing is sacred here. And there are defininately some things I don’t like about the trans community; some oversensitivity and political correctness that leads to a kind of trans standard that doesn’t fit me. I’m sure the last word hasn’t been said!

(For Dutch only: the message below is about my transgender-greeting-cards, that can now be sent as an e-card and -very soon- for real through a webservice).
Groot nieuws!
Mijn ‘Ontboezemingen’ transgender beterschapskaarten zijn binnenkort in het écht te versturen via de Boomerangsite hier!
Je kunt ze nú al per mail als eCard versturen via diezelfde link.
En je kunt ze een beoordeling geven!

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